JOBO CPP3 Processor

Jobo CPP3 ProcessorThe all-new CPP3 is a semi-automatic film and print processor. The CPP3 offers continuous rotation agitation as well as temperature-controlled process, producing consistent, repeatable results. Repeatability and dependability are the name of the game in this new world in which pro labs are closing down and where slow turnaround leads to poor results. The time-proven Jobo rotation processing system allows for full and precise control of every aspect of the process and industry-standard quality results for virtually any photochemical process.

Continuing the tried and tested design of the successful CPP2, the CPP3 is fully backwards compatible with all existing Jobo drums and reels and is thus capable of processing 35mm and 120 roll film, sheet film of 4X5, 5X7, 8X10, and 11X14, and prints up to 20X24.

In addition to temperature and rotation-speed control, the CPP3 features a built-in, fully programmable process timer, dimmable LCD panel, and cold-water solenoid inlet to cool down the process when the ambient temperature is higher than the process temperature.








JOBO USA recommends using a lift for all processors and processing systems, because it helps create a more accurate and repeatable process and offers many other benefits:

  • Allows for the use of Expert drums
  • Allows chemistry to be introduced into the tank while the agitator is on
  • Allows for more accurate processing times down to the second, as well as faster introduction and dumping of chemistry
  • Alleviates pressure build-up problems in problem-prone process types
  • Creates a nearly dry and clean work environment
  • Is self-cleaning and helps prevent cross-contamination

The Jobo lift has various design features that make it reliable and easy to use:

  • Durable tank-retaining clips
  • Easy loading/unloading of tanks thanks to improved tank-retaining clips design
  • Automatic upper/lower funnel selector
  • Internal brass fittings
  • Long-lasting drain hose


The CPP-3 #4083 includes the following bundled accessories:

  • 6 solution bottles, scaled, 1000 ml
  • 4 graduates, 260ml
  • 1 adjustable roller base
  • 1 Jobo #2520 Multitank 2
  • One adjustable 2502 reels for 35/120

The Analogue Photographer differentiates himself from all digital work. There is no better way to create truly unique pictures, other than by hand-crafted art-work.

Also, schools and colleges who teach photography need reliable equipment to give their students hands-on experience of “real photography”

The freelance photographer likes to be independent and relies on fast processing results.

The analogue photographer has the choice to fine-tune his processing and printing by using a combination of either film or print processing solutions.

The fine art photographer cares for

  • Instant processing
  • Repeatability in processing
  • Economical usage of chemical solutions, even when sporadically in usage
  • A complete modular system

JOBO Processor CPP-3 #4083 semi-automates all film and print processing for daylight operation.

All available colour and B/W films on the market can be processed at home, using any chemistry.
Roll films 135, 120; Sheet films 4 x 5 or 8 x 10 inches; Prints up to 20×24″ /50 x 60 cm.

Technology of Rotary Processing
Everything you need for consistent, repeatable results are very precisely controlled through

  • Automatic agitation (rotating in both directions forth and back)
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Freshness of chemical solution (one shot processing)
  • Processing time

This One-Shot Processing method renders highest consistency in processing. This technology was developed by JOBO and applied by thousands of professional and semiprofessional photographers around the world, because the processing results meet the requirements of the film and chemical manufacturers. In fact, JOBO Processors have been employed by film manufacturers in the USA, Germany and Asia for the control of their own film-emulsions.

A versatile processing system to do flexible, creative work with any available formula.



The JOBO Processor CPP-3 is placed on a solid, levelled table, filled with water from the tap. Mixed processing solutions are held in one litre bottles then positioned in the water-jacket of the processor.

After switching on the heater, working temperature of processing solutions will be ready for use after about 40 min., depending on conditions.

The inbuilt timer comes pre-programmed for standard film processes like E-6, C41 and B/W and can easily be customized by the operator.

The film tank or print drum is connected via a magnetic drive and rotates back and in the same water-jacket, which also temperature controls the one litre chemical bottles.

Solutions are used in a minimum quantity and are drained after use because the rotating tank and drum requires a minimum amount of solution, as is needed for the chemical process. However each solution can be recovered separately.

Once the exposed material is loaded in one of the JOBO Tanks or Drums, (this must be done in complete darkness) they are placed on the Processor, which immediately rotates them in the temperature controlled water-bath.

For changing working solutions, the JOBO Tank or Drum is disconnected from the magnetic drive, as the motor continues to rotate and they can be poured out and re-filled through the tank lid.

By adding JOBO Lift #4072 this procedure can be simplified.

Working solutions are filled in through a wide funnel of the Lift and drained easily by operating a lever, which raises the film tank or print drum for emptying the solutions. This provides exact timing of each process step. Large size prints and films are soaked evenly.

For controlling processing times, the built-in programmable timer sounds an audible alarm, when chemical solutions need to be replaced.

After the final wash, the developing material needs to be taken out of the film tank or print drum for drying out of the processor.



The JOBO tank series 1500 and 2500 is a modular system. Tank capacities can be enlarged with an extension module and each inversion tank can be modified for rotary processing on the bottom with magnet item 1504 for use on CPP-3. When used with the Lift, the lid of the tank needs to be equipped with a cog, item 1505.

Tank system 1500 is based on narrow gauged reels to reduce chemistry consumption.
Tank system 2500 uses wider gauged reels and accepts sheet film reels as well.
Expert drums are for sheet films only and always come with cog lid for use on the Lift.
For print processing we recommend Drum system 3000 but the older style 2800 can also be used.

JOBO CPP-3 is compatible with all JOBO Tanks of series 1500, 2500 and all JOBO Drums of series 2800 and 3000. For use in rotation they must be equipped with magnet # 1504 or cog # 1505.


JOBO Tank System 1500

For rotary processing: each tank must be fitted with magnet # 1504 or cog # 1505.


  • # 1510 comes with 1 reel # 1501 capacity: 1 film 135.
  • Minimum solution amount 140 ml for rotary or 250ml for inversion agitation

Universal Tank

  • # 1520 comes with 1 reel 1501 

Multi Tank

  • # 1540 comes with 1 reel 1501 

Extension Module

  • # 1530 for all tanks System 1500 comes with axle tube
  • Extends capacity for 3 films 135 and up to 4 films 120
  • Minimum solution amount is 330ml. for rotary, 725ml. for inversion

Film Reel Duo-set 1500 adjustable

  • # 1501 adjustable, for 1 film 135 or up to 2 films 120
  • The red film separating clip allows loading the reel with 2 films 120 and prevents them from overlapping each other.


JOBO Tank System 2500

For rotary processing, each tank must be fitted with magnet # 1504 or cog # 1505.

Multitank 1

  • # 2540 comes w/o reel

Multitank 2

  • # 2520 universal tank for roll and sheet films comes w/o reel #2502, # 2521 comes with magnet,
  • # 2523 comes with cog lid

Multitank 5

  • # 2550 universal tank for roll- and sheet films, comes w/o reel
  • Fitted with 5 reels, 2502 for max 5 films 135 or 6 films 120: minimum solution amount 640 ml.
  • Or fitted with 2 reels, 2509n max. 12 sheets 4×5″: min. chemical volume 560 ml.

Film Reel Duoset 2500

  • # 2502 adjustable, for 1 film 135 or up to 2 films 120
  • The red film separating clip allows loading the reel with 2 films 120 and prevents them from overlapping each other.

Sheetfilm Reel Uni

  • # 2509n for processing sheet film in Tank System 2500
  • Adjustable for 6 sheets 6 x 9 cm or 9 x 12 cm or 4 x 5″


  • Expert Drum # 3010 holds 10 sheets up to 4 x 5″ min/max-chem.-vol. 210ml-330ml.
  • Expert Drum # 3005 holds 5 sheets up to 8 x 10″ min/max-chem.-vol. 270ml-630ml.

Multi Drum 20×24″

  • # 3063 for up to 1 sheet 20″x24″/ 50×60 cm: min. chem. vol. 300 ml.

Film Force Washer Cascade

  • # 3350 in combination with all JOBO tanks in use for inversion agitation
  • Saves water, reduces washing time to 5 min., water flow can be adjusted
  • The universal adaptor fits almost all water taps.

JOBO Scaled Bottles

  • With special sealing cap, scales in steps of 100ml.

JOBO Roller Base

  • # 1509 accepts all JOBO Tanks except 2510
  • The inversion tank lays horizontal on the rollers and is agitated by hand. It allows reduction of working solution. Processing is conducted at room temperature.





  • H 33.5 cm x W 96 cm x D 37 cm
  • H 13 in x W 38 in x D 15 in
  • Water-jacket volume: ca 18 L
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Voltage/capacity: 230/50HZ 880W
  • Using the CPP-3 on 110V needs a transformer and will result in 440W

User manual ENG (PDF) V1.1