Why do I need a Jobo Lift?

New Style Lift

CatLABS recommends using a lift for all processors and processing systems, because it

  • Helps create a more accurate and repeatable process
  • Allows chemistry to be introduced into the tank while the agitator is on
  • Allows for more accurate processing times down to the second, as well as faster introduction and dumping of chemistry
  • Alleviates pressure build-up problems in problem-prone process types
  • Creates a nearly dry and clean work environment
  • Is self-cleaning and helps prevent cross contamination

Regular Lift vs. New Style Lift 

New Style Lift   Regular Style Lift

The new style lift has several advantages over the regular lift:

  • More durable tank retaining clips
  • Easier loading/unloading of tanks thanks to improved tank retaining clips design
  • Automatic upper/lower funnel selector
  • Internal brass fittings
  • Longer-lasting drain hose